About Us

Why was this blog created?

Believe in Yourself

My name is Mohit Sharma. I live in Jaipur Rajasthan and this is where I was born. I am from a middle-class family. I have experience of more than 3 years of knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, YouTube, WordPress, Networks, Operating Systems, Website Designing, AdSense, and Algorithms.

What am I doing in the present?

I have completed 12th from Red Rose Secondary School and Keshav Public School. And now I am graduating with B.com from University-Commerce College Jaipur and now I am in 2nd year. I have worked in 10+ blogs till now and all these blogs were in different niches. I have just got a lot of knowledge of digital marketing and blogging, so I have created reviewcod.in blog so that I can pass the knowledge gained from my experience to the logo to all the other people.


Years of Experience